Market consultations

Memorandum information

 Introduction and schedule preliminary market consultations

The purpose of this market consultation is get to know Your opinions about Your possible contribution to this project as a private partner. In memorandum information we introduce a basic information about the project. We would be glad if you send away short questionnaire that is added to present information material.

Your response will not be treated as Your final stance. Every answer will be used for internal data analysis of the Institute and clarification profile of this enterprise.

We are planning operational meetings with private partners interested in general contracting on the investment stage and exploitation of the headquarter the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The meetings will be opportunity for debate more directly and specifically about plans of the project. We ask to confirm if you would be interested in participation this kind of meeting. In case of positive answer we establish contact in order to go over the term and mode of the meeting. Currently we assume that meeting will take place at the headquarter of the IOC.

Schedule of the consultations:

–  from 11.08.2022 collect questionnaire

– between 16.08 and 26.08.2022 information meeting with contracting authority, Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy and advisors with private partners.

The answers should be sent to:

Hoping for fruitful cooperation and exchange of comments, I remain for Your disposal.

Director of the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences
Prof. Daniel Gryko

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Memorandum information