Research offer

IOC PAS offer in the field of synthesis of organic compounds

The Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences offers the following services in the field of organic synthesis on request or as part of a scientific cooperation:

  • synthesis of any organic compounds in the mg up to a few grams
  • synthesis of analytical standards for active substances of drugs, cosmetics, pesticides and their impurities
  • developing new methods of synthesizing organic compounds to be used in industrial processes, as well as improving the existing technologies of organic synthesis
  • developing biotechnological methods of synthesis and purification of organic compounds
  • developing analytical techniques for controlling industrial processes

We cordially invite everyone interested in establishing cooperation to contact directly the Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs of the IOC PAS, prof. Jacek Młynarski We are open to all forms of cooperation, including in particular joint submission of applications for funding in the EU and national programmes. The Institute has had considerable success in this field. More information can be found on the Research Programs page.