HR Excellence in Research

HR Excellence in Research
The Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences take part in the European initiative the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers – HRS4R. The goal of the HR strategy is to constantly improve the conditions for employing and recruiting researchers, in accordance with the principles adopted by the European Commission in the documents The European Charter for Researchers and The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. The European Commission awards the prestigious HR Excellence in Research distinction to institutions whose internal HR policy and recruitment procedures comply with the principles set out in the Charter & Code.

The European Commission awarded the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences with the HR Excellence in Research Award on July 24, 2017.

Stages of implementing the HR Strategy for Researchers at the IOC PAS
The implementation of the HR strategies for scientists takes place in several stages and is a process that requires continuous improvement. The Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences joined the initiative in November 2016, with the signing by the Director of the Institute a declaration of support for the principles contained the Charter & Code. In the Initial Phase, the Institute carried out an internal analysis (Gap Analysis), which determined the compliance of the applicable rules and practices with the provisions of the Charter & Code. Based on the analysis, the Action Plan for 2017-2019 was defined, the purpose of which was to adapt internal regulations to the requirements of the European Commission. The Action Plan presented by the Institute was positively assessed by the European Commission, and the initial phase was completed with the award of HR Excellence in Research distinction to the IOC PAS.

During the Implementation Phase of the HR Strategy, the IOC PAS consistently implemented the adopted Action Plan, introducing the necessary changes and adjusting the terms of employment of scientists to the European standards. Most of the proposed actions have been implemented, and some will be carried out on a regular basis. This stage was completed in 2019, when the European Commission, on the basis of the interim report, assessed the activities undertaken so far by the Institute.

Currently, the IOC PAS is in the Renewal Phase, which aims to strengthen the implemented changes and further improve the functioning of our institution. This stage will end in 2023, when experts from the European Commission will assess the Institute’s progress in implementing the HR strategy.

The implementation of the HR Strategy is a continuous process, and the Working Group appointed by the Director of the Institute supervises its proper course. The composition of the Working Group changes depending on the personnel changes at the Institute. The activities of the Working Group are supervised by the Steering Committee composed of the Management of the IOC PAS.

Working conditions at the IOC PAS
In accordance with the adopted HR Strategy for scientists, the Institute of Organic Chemistry makes every effort to ensure that the working conditions in our institution correspond to the European standards. Scientists have a great freedom to choose research topics in the field of broadly understood organic chemistry, and they can conduct their research using the best research infrastructure. The Institute provides attractive employment conditions, flexible working hours, and access to various benefits. PhD students can also benefit from the accommodation in the Assistant Hotel located on the premises of the IOC PAS.

Scientists working at the IOC PAS adhere to the highest ethical standards and demonstrate a high level of professionalism when conducting research. The Institute actively supports and encourages employees to continuous professional development, including obtaining funding for research projects, publishing in the best international journals or developing a scientific career. Young scientists holding the PhD degree can create their research teams at the IOC PAS, which allows them to build their position in the scientific world. All employees also have access to internal trainings and workshops on, among others, soft skills or commercialization of scientific research results.

Employees of the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences successfully apply for research grants, both domestic and foreign. The Institute conducts numerous collaborations with scientists from around the world, and outstanding chemists regularly give guest lectures at our institution. The IOC PAS is also involved in the dissemination of research results in society by participating in science festivals or giving lectures for Warsaw high schools.

Recruitment process at the IOC PAS
Recruitment processes at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences are conducted in accordance with the adopted policy of open, transparent and merit-based recruitment. All recruitment takes place on the basis of open competitions conducted by specially appointed Recruitment Committees. Recruitment Committees are impartial and provide diversity in terms of gender and professional experience. Candidates are assessed according to adopted criteria, taking into account their scientific achievements, experience, mobility and creativity in conducting scientific research. The candidate’s evaluation concerns mainly the quality of scientific achievements, taking into account possible career breaks or mobility between various fields and sectors of the economy.

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