Zbigniew Wróbel


Head of the group
Assoc. Prof. Zbigniew Wróbel

Dr Andrzej Kwast



M. Walewska-Królikiewicz, B. Wilk, A. Kwast, Z. Wróbel, „(2-Aminoaryl)iminophosphoranes as Versatile Starting Materials for the Synthesis of 1-Aryl-2-trifluoromethylbenzimidazoles”, Synlett

I. Kulszewicz-Bajer, R. Nowakowski, M. Zagórska, A. Maranda-Niedbała, W. Mech, Z. Wróbel, J. Drapała, I. Wielgus, K. P. Korona, „Copolymers Containing 1-Methyl-2-phenyl-imidazole Moieties as Permanent Dipole Generating Units: Synthesis, Spectroscopic, Electrochemical, and Photovoltaic Properties”, Molecules

T. Marszałek, I. Krygier, A. Proń, Z. Wróbel, P.M.W. Blom, I. Kulszewicz-Bajer, W. Pisula, „Self-assembly and charge carrier transport of sublimated dialkyl substituted quinacridones”, Org. Electron.

M. Tryniszewski, R. Bujok, P. Cmoch, R. Gańczarczyk, I. Kulszewicz-Bajer, Z. Wróbel, „Direct Reductive Cyclocondensation of the Nitro Group with the Amido Group: Key Role of the Iminophosphorane Intermediate in the Synthesis of 1,4-Dibenzodiazepine Derivatives”, J. Org. Chem.

P. Bujak, Z. Wróbel, M. Penkala, K. Kotwica, A. Kmita, M. Gajewska, A. Ostrowski, P. Kowalik, A. Proń, „Highly Luminescent Ag–In–Zn–S Quaternary Nanocrystals: Growth Mechanism and Surface Chemistry Elucidation”, Inorg. Chem.

Z. Wróbel, R. Bujok, M. Tryniszewski, A. Kwast, “Simple synthesis of 2-alkylidene- and 2-keto-7-triazolylquinoxaline systems from 2-nitrosodiarylamines”, Arkivoc

Research topics

  • Investigation of  new methods of synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles starting from aromatic nitro compounds as substrates. Use of the nitroso intermediates for synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles like indoles, quinolones, phenazine and so on. Scaling up these reactions at least to multigram scale
  • Total synthesis on commission