Head of the group
Assoc. Prof. Rafał Loska

Prof. Mieczyław Mąkosza

PhD Students
Mgr Alicja Wasilewska-Rosa
Mgr Barbara Stańska
Mgr Jakub Brześkiewicz
Mgr inż. Antoni Tkaczyk

Małgorzata Pawlak-Bechcicka

OPUS NCN 2022/47/B/ST4/01498
Palladium-catalyzed cascades for the rapid and enantioselective construction of polycyclic scaffolds of alkaloids and pseudo-natural products”

PRELUDIUM NCN 2020/37/N/ST4/00777
“Synthesis and transformations of strained cyclic nitrones catalyzed by transition metals”


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Research topics

  • Transition metal-catalyzed C–H activation of nitrones
  • Allene synthesis
  • New variants of Nucleophilic Substitution of hydrogen in aromatic systems