Head of the group
Prof. Dorota Gryko

Dr. Piotr Banachowicz
M.Sc. eng. Łukasz Ciszewski
M.Sc. Monica Fresta
M.Sc. Joseph Milton
Dr. Mariana Nadirova
Dr. Shantanu Nandi
M.Sc. Magdalena Walewska-Królikiewicz
Dr. Tomasz Wdowik
Dr. eng. Marzena Wosińska-Hrydczuk
Dr. Mateusz Woźny

PhD Students
M.Sc. eng. Wojciech Depa
M.Sc. eng. Jakub Durka
M.Sc. eng. Kacper Kisiel
M.Sc. eng. Klaudia Łuczak
M.Sc. Souvik Majumder
M.Sc. Kitti Szabo
M.Sc. Mohadese Yaghoobianzabi

“Oligonucleotides for Medical Applications – OLIGOMED”

HORYZONT 2020 H2020-MSCA-ITN 956324 PhotoReAct
„Photocatalysis as a tool for synthetic organic chemistry” (PhotoReAct)”

NCN OPUS LAP 2020/39/I/ST4/00405
“CO2CHEM – Redox-neutral photocatalytic C-H carboxylation of hydrocarbons with CO2”

NCN MAESTRO 2020/38/A/ST4/00185
„Red light – a tool for organic and bioorthogonal chemistry”

NCN OPUS 2019/35/B/ST4/03435
„Sustainable, photochemical transformations of diazo reagents as a source of reactive intermediates”

MEiN Premia na Horyzoncie 496568/PnH 2/2021
„Photocatalysis as a tool for synthetic organic chemistry”

MEiN Premia na Horyzoncie 567433/PnH 2/2022
„Oligonucleotides for medical applications”

NCN PRELUDIUM 2021/41/N/ST4/01967
“Photocatalytic, Deaminative Synthesis of Alkyl Fluorides from Amines”

NCN ETIUDA 2020/36/T/ST4/00208
“Donor-acceptor diazoalkanes as reagents in visible light-induced processes”

NCN ETIUDA 2020/36/T/ST4/00214
“Light-induced generation of alkyl radicals through C-C and C-N bond cleavage”

Diamentowy Grant – Jakub Durka – DI2019013049 0130/DIA/2020/49
“Aminy i kwasy karboksylowe jako bloki budulcowe w syntezie ketonów”


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research topics

  • photocatalysis – designing of new catalysts and new reactions
  • novel transformations of diazo compounds
  • bioinspired Co-catalysis for sustainable processes
  • vitamin B12 – synthesis and biomedical applications