Head of the group
Dr. Marcin Lindner

Dr. eng. Krzysztof Bartkowski

PhD Students
M.Sc. Jakub Wagner


NCN OPUS 2022/45/B/ST4/00800
„Ambipolar, bowl-shaped polyaromatic compounds with manifold, precisely arranged, nitrogen dopants. Unprecedented class of efficient OLED emitters (BOwLEDs)”

Lider XI, NCBiR LIDER/21/0077/L-11/19/NCBR/2020
“Synthesis of novel class of organic emitters for TADF OLED materials embracing curved nanographene fragments”

NCN PRELUDIUM 2022/45/N/ST4/00913
„Diaza-BF2-embedded N-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – game changer in the domain of NIR TADF emitters”


K. Bartkowski, A. K. Gupta, T. Matulaitis, M. Morawiak, E. Zysman-Colman, M. Lindner, „Using pyrrolizine-fused bipolar PAHs as a new strategy towards efficient red and NIR emissive dyes”, Org. Chem. Front.

J. Wagner, D. Kumar, M. A. Kochman, T. Gryber, M. Grzelak,
A. Kubas, P. Data, M. Lindner, „Facile Functionalization of Ambipolar, Nitrogen-Doped PAHs toward Highly Efficient TADF OLED Emitters”, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces

W. Derkowski, D. Kumar, T. Gryber, M. Kochman, M. Morawiak, J. Wagner, A. Kubas, P. Data, M. Lindner, „V-shaped donor-acceptor organic emitters. A new approach towards efficient TADF OLED devices”, Chem. Commun.

K. Bartkowski, P. Zimmermann Crocomo, M. A. Kochman, D. Kumar, A. Kubas, P. Data, M. Lindner, „Tandem rigidification and π-extension as a key tool for the development of a narrow linewidth yellow hyperfluorescent OLED system”, Chem. Sci.

R. Kusy, M. Lindner, J. Wagner, K. Grela, „Ligand-to-metal ratio controls stereoselectivity:Highly functional group-tolerant, iridium-based,(E)-selective alkyne transfer semihydrogenation”, Chem Catalysis

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M. Hromadová, J. Sebera, M. Lindner, J. Gasior, G. Meszaros, O. Fuhr, M. Mayor, M. Valášek, V. Kolivoska, „Tuning the contact conductance of anchoring groups in single molecule junctions by molecular design”, Nanoscale

W. Wulfhekel, J. Homberg , M. Lindner, L. Gerhard, K. Edelmann, T. Frauhammer, Y. Nahas, M. Valsek, M. Mayor, „Six state molecular revolver mounted on a rigid platform”, Nanoscale

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M. Lindner, A. Krasiński, J. Jurczak, „Facile, Stereocontrolled Synthetic Route towards Bis-functionalised Pyrrolizidines”, Synthesis

Research topics

  • curved, aromatic functional materials
  • heteroatom-doped nanographenes
  • donor-acceptor organic nanoarchitectures for TADF OLEDs