Head of the group
Dr. Jarosław Granda

Dr. Ahmad Kassir
Dr. Chandrakanta Parida
Dr. Nazar Rad

PhD Students
M.Sc. Patryk Klochowicz

Polskie Powroty NAWA

SONATA NCN 2021/43/D/ST4/00650
“Autonomous discovery, development and optimization of organocatalytic reactions through intelligent chemical robots”


D. Angelone, A. Hammer, S. Rohrbach, S. Krambeck, J. Granda, J. Wolf, S. Zalesskiy, G. Chisholm, L. Cronin, “Convergence of multiple synthetic paradigms in a universally programmable chemical synthesis machine”, Nat. Chem.

Research topics

  • asymmetric synthesis
  • machine learning and deep learning
  • organocatalysis
  • computer aided reaction discovery
  • reactants design
  • chirality
  • chemical space