Head of the group
Prof. Bartłomiej Furman

Prof. Marek Chmielewski

Dr. Piotr Szcześniak

Dr. eng. Paweł Czerwiński
Dr Supratim Chakraborty

Dr. Barbara Grzeszczyk

PhD students
M.Sc. eng. Justyna Najczuk
M.Sc. Magdalena Dolna

NCN Sonata 2019/35/D/ST4/00028 „Photochemical rearrangement of lactams: A ring-expansion approach towards structurally diverse heterocycles”

NCN OPUS (2019/35/B/ST4/02794) „Synthesis of structurally diverse medium- and large-sized rings by controlled decomposition of tetraoxanes and related compounds”


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  • Chemoselective activation of amide carbonyls towards nucleophilic reagents
  • Kinugasa Reaction as a Stereoselective Method of β-Lactams Synthesis: Advanced Applications
  • Studies on the rearrangement of vinyl ethers and alkoxydienes
  • Reactions of functionalized organometallic compounds
  • Tesliper software to improve the process of simulating optical spectra