Dr. Marek Grzybowski and Assoc. Prof. Bartosz Zambroń are the winners of SONATA BIS

23 February 2023

The National Science Center has announced the results of the SONATA BIS 12 competition addressed to scientists who would like to establish a new research team. You can receive funds for remuneration for the team, including scholarships for students or doctoral students, for the purchase or production of scientific and research equipment and to cover other costs related to the implementation of the project. Funding from the program was received by:

Dr. Marek Grzybowski for the project 2022/46/E/ST4/00146 “Acenes and cyclacenes doped with donor and acceptor atoms”

and Assoc. Prof. Bartosz Zambroń for project 2022/46/E/ST4/00163 “Stereoselective dearomatization of non-activated arenes by “wandering alkene”: quick access to poly- and spirocyclic systems with high added value from readily available aromatic compounds.”

Congratulations and we wish you much success in your research!