Dr. Marcin Lindner and M.Sc. Jakub Wagner are winners of NCN grants!

6 December 2022

The National Science Center has announced the results of the OPUS and PRELUDIUM! The OPUS competition is addressed to all scientists, regardless of the stage of their scientific career, while the PRELUDIUM competition applies to projects carried out by researchers who do not hold a PhD degree.

Funding from the OPUS23 program was awarded to Dr. Marcin Lindner for the project: “Ambipolar polyaromatic compounds in the shape of a bowl, containing precisely localized admixtures of nitrogen atoms. A unique class of highly efficient OLED emitters (BOwLEDs)”.

Funding from the PRELUDIUM21 program was granted to M.Sc. Jakub Wagner for the project: “N-polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with built-in diaza-BF2 complexes – breakthrough NIR TADF emitters”.

Congratulations and we wish you much success in your research!