Assoc. Prof. Sebastian Stecko, Assoc. Prof. Mykhaylo Potopnyk and Dr. Jarosław Granda are the winners of NCN grants!

23 May 2022

The National Science Center has announced the results of the OPUS and SONATA competitions! The OPUS competition is addressed to all scientists, regardless of the stage of their scientific career, while SONATA concerns projects carried out by researchers who hold a doctoral degree from 2 to 7 years before the year of submitting the application.

Funding from the OPUS22 program was received by Assoc. Prof. Sebastian Stecko for the project: “Self- or a directing group-aided remote C(sp3)-H functionalization of difunctional compounds” and Assoc. Prof. Mykhaylo Potopnyk for the project: “Novel tricyclic glycomimetics as DC-SIGN receptor ligands”.

Funding from the SONATA17 program was received by Dr. Jarosław Granda for preliminary research in the project: “Autonomous discovery, development and optimization of organocatalytic reactions through intelligent chemical robots”.

Congratulations and we wish you much success in your research!