Head of the group
Prof. Jacek Młynarski

Dr Robert Bujok
Dr Karol Michalak
Dr Oskar Popik

PhD Students
Mgr Robert Pawłowski
Mgr Tomasz Podlewski
Mgr Łukasz Włoszczak
Mgr inż. Joanna Jaszczewska-Adamczak

TEAM FNP – (2017-4/38) New organocatalytic strategies: towards drugs and bioactive compounds

OPUS NCN – ( 2017/27/B/ST5/01111 ) Zinc instead of noble metals: enantioselective reduction and carbon-carbon bond forming reactions promoted by zinc complexes

Diamentowy Grant – Robert Pawłowski – ( DI2017 001947 ) Badania tandemowych procesów organo- i fotokatalitycznych


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Research topics

  • asymmetric catalysis with zinc- and magnesium chiral Lewis acids
  • new pathway to catalyst discovery by using Artificial Intelligence
  • asymmetric reduction of prochiral ketones and imines promoted by zinc complexes
  • stereocontrolled synthesis of natural and bioactive products
  • direct aldol reaction of hydroxyacetone and dihydroxyacetone
  • light-induced transformations