Head of the group
Dr. Michał Ociepa

PhD Students
Diksha, M.Sc.

SONATA NCN – 2022/47/D/ST4/00332
„Dual catalytic system based on combination of MHAT and SH2 mechanisms:  A novel platform for formal cross-coupling of transient radicals”


M. Nassir, M. Ociepa, H.-J. Zhang, L. N. Grant, B. J. Simmons, M. S. Oderinde, Y. Kawamata, A. N. Cauley, M. A. Schmidt, M. D. Eastgate, P. S. Baran, „Stereocontrolled Radical Thiophosphorylation”, J. Am. Chem. Soc.

A. Potrząsaj, M. Ociepa, W. Chaładaj, D. Gryko, „Bioinspired Cobalt-Catalysis Enables Generation of Nucleophilic Radicals from Oxetanes”Org. Lett.

M. Ociepa, K. W. Knouse, D. He, J. C. Vantourout, D. T. Flood, N. M. Padial, J. S. Chen, B. B. Sanchez, E. J. Sturgell, B. Zheng, S. Qiu, M. A. Schmidt, M. D. Eastgate, P. S. Baran, „Mild and Chemoselective Phosphorylation of Alcohols Using a Ψ-Reagent”, Org. Lett.

research topics

  • Sustainable catalysis
  • Single electron reactions
  • Reagent design and synthetic method development