Prof. Jacek Młynarski, prof. Agnieszka Szumna and MSc. Jakub Durka awarded with NCN grants!

26 November 2021

The NCN announced the results of the OPUS 21 competition addressed to all scientists, regardless of the stage of their scientific career, and PRELUDIUM 20 for the projects carried out by researchers who do not yet have a doctoral degree.

Funding from the OPUS 21 program was received by prof. Jacek Młynarski for the project “Artificial Intelligence meets Asymmetric Catalysis: a new pathway for catalyst optimization and discovery” and prof. Agnieszka Szumna for the project “Mechanochemical self-assembly of anion-sealed molecular capsules”.

In the PRELUDIUM 20 competition, funding was received by MSc. Jakub Durka – “Photocatalytic, deaminative synthesis of alkyl fluorides from amines”.

Funding from the MINIATURA 5 program was also received by Dr. Rafał Kusy for activities related to conducting preliminary research in the project “Selective triple C-C bond semihydrogenation in tandem reactions”.

Congratulations and we wish you all the success in your research!