Prof. Daniel Gryko receives an ERC Advanced Grant for the project: ARCHIMEDES

30 March 2023

Prof. Daniel T. Gryko was the first chemist in the history of Poland to win the ERC Advanced grant (‘Approaching 20% emission efficiency in the NIR-II region with radical chromophores’, ARCHIMEDES). The aim of the grant is to obtain radical fluorophores emitting light in the near infrared range. The grant with a total value of EUR 2.5 million will be carried out at the Institute of Organic Chemistry PAS in the years 2023-2028.

More about this edition of the competition on the website of the European Research Council.

ERC Advanced Grants are among the most prestigious and competitive funding programs in the EU. They give scientists the opportunity to carry out ambitious, curiosity-driven projects that can lead to scientific breakthroughs. Funding goes to recognized, leading scientists with documented scientific achievements.