European consortium grant for Prof. Daniel Gryko

18 March 2024

Prof. Daniel T. Gryko, together with colleagues from Italy, Germany and Great Britain, won a Pathfinder grant (EIC Pathfinder Challenges 2023 ). This grant entitled ‘Towards a biomimetic sunlight pumped laser based on photosynthetic antenna complexes’ (APACE) is related to in-space solar energy. The winning consortium, apart from IChO PAN, includes research teams from Florence, Bari, Parma, Karlsruhe, Munich and Edinburgh. The coordinator is prof. Giuseppe Luca Celardo (University of Florence). APACE aims to deliver a proof of principle demonstration of an unprecedented sunlight pumped laser (SPL), based on nanoscale photosynthetic antenna complexes, turning unconcentrated thermal sunlight into a coherent laser beam. Implementation of the grant will begin this fall.