Dr Katarzyna Rybicka-Jasińska and dr Marcin Lindner received First Team FENG grants

18 June 2024

The Foundation for Polish Science announced the results of the first call for applications (1/2023) as part of the FIRST TEAM activity financed by the European Funds for a Modern Economy (FENG) program. 27 projects will receive funding in the amount of over PLN 101 million. The activities of FIRST TEAM make it possible to obtain financing for establishing a research team and conducting innovative research with application potential in Poland.

Funding was received by Dr. Katarzyna Rybicka-Jasińska for the project “Photoelectrochemical conversion of biomass – a step towards sustainable synthesis of chemical compounds” and Dr. Marcin Lindner for the project “Light in the (chiral) tunnel: a new, holistic approach to obtaining efficient and stable CP-OLED devices” .

Congratulations and we wish you many scientific successes!