Dr. Kajetan Dąbrowa, Assoc. Prof. Rafał Loska and Dr. Michał Ociepa are winners of NCN grants

18 May 2023

The National Science Center has announced the results of the OPUS and SONATA competitions! The OPUS competition is addressed to all scientists, regardless of the stage of their scientific career, while the SONATA competition applies to projects carried out by researchers who have a PhD degree.

Funding from the OPUS program was awarded to: Dr. Kajetan Dąbrowa for the project: “Chasing lithium: direct lithium salt extraction and purification from mixtures using stimuli-responsive “smart” molecular extractants” and Assoc. Prof. Rafał Loska for the project: “Palladium-catalyzed cascades for the rapid and enantioselective construction of polycyclic scaffolds of alkaloids and pseudo-natural products“.

Funding from the SONATA program was received by Dr. Michał Piotr Ociepa for the project: “Dual Catalytic System Based on Combination of MHAT and SH2 Mechanisms: A Novel Platform for Formal Cross-Coupling of Transient Radicals“.

Congratulations and we wish you many successes in your research work!