Article by prof. Daniel Gryko in Chemical Science

30 November 2021

Prof. Daniel T. Gryko together with collaborators from France and US discovered a two-step route to green to deep red fluorescent, doubly B/N-doped, ladder-type pyrrolo[3,2-b]pyrroles. The article has been published in Chemical Science.

These nominally quadrupolar, ultra-photostable dyes possessing two B—N+ dative bonds have strong emission in the 520-670 nm range with the fluorescence quantum yields reaching 0.90. π-Expanded derivatives and those possessing electron-donating groups showed the most red-shifted absorption- and emission spectra, while displaying remarkably high peak 2PA cross-section values reaching, ~2400 GM at around 760 nm. Dr Mariusz Tasior is the first author of this paper.