Article by Prof. Daniel Gryko in ACS Catalysis

7 August 2023

Prof. Daniel T. Gryko, Dr. Łukasz Kielesiński and Dr. Beata Koszarna, together with colleagues from Israel (a team led by Prof. Lior Elbaz from Bar-Ilan University), developed a new catalyst for the electrochemical oxygen reduction reaction. The final catalyst is formed as a result of pyrolysis of a coordination polymer in which the roles of ligands are performed by porphyrin and corrole, and the metals are copper and iron. The resulting aerogel has a large surface area and exhibits excellent catalytic properties. The results were published in ASC Catalysis “Biomimetic Fe–Cu Prophyrrole Aerogel Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction”, Y. Persky, Ł. Kielesiński, S. Nagaprasad Reddy, N. Zion, A. Friedman, H. C. Honig, B. Koszarna, M. J. Zachman, I. Grinberg, D. T. Gryko, L. Elbaz.