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The Institute today

The Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established to advance the fundamental research in synthesis, transformations, structure and spectral properties of organic compounds. The Institute conducts research in several broad areas:

  • development of new synthetic methods in organic chemistry including reactions of carbanions, nucleophilic substitution, addition and cycloaddition reactions;
  • molecular catalysis - phase-transfer catalysis, metathesis, organocatalysis;
  • methodology of asymmetric synthesis;
  • target oriented synthesis - natural products and their analogues;
  • unconventional methods of organic synthesis:reactions under very high pressure, microwave-promoted reactions and syntheses on a solid matrix;
  • selected topics in supramolecular chemistry including synthesis, reactivity, structural and conformational studies of heterocyclic and macrocyclic compounds;
  • development of NMR methods and their applications in organic chemistry;
  • studies of the ion-molecule reactions in the gas phase using mass spectrometry techniques;
  • studies of the structure and dynamics of organic compounds using NMR,MS, IR, CD and X-ray spectral methods;
  • quantum-chemical studies of molecular properties;

Icho-pawilon laboratoryjnyBesides the basic research programs, the Institute conducts various projects related to applied organic chemistry and technology, particularly oriented to pharmaceutical industry.

The Institute is authorized to confer doctor degrees in chemical sciences – Ph.D. and D.Sc (habilitation).

The results of the research work conducted in the Institute is published in about 90 to 120 scientific papers per year. A majority of them is published in the journals with high and very high Impact Factors. An average IF of the papers published in a year 2010 is 3,36. The lists of the recent papers can be found on the research groups » pages.

The Institute has presently about 160 employees including:

  • 14 full professors and 8 associate professors;
  • 30 research associates having the Ph.D. degree;
  • 60 Ph.D. students;
  • others (research associates without Ph.D., technicians and administration).

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