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Target synthesis of organic compounds and scientific collaboration

Institute of Organic Chemistry PAS offers the following services in the field of the synthesis of organic compounds:

  • synthesis of any kind of organic compounds in the quantities starting from 1 mg up to 100 grams;
  • synthesis of the analytical standards of active ingredients of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides and their impurities;
  • elaboration of the new methods and refinement of the existing methods for the synthesis of organic compounds for industrial applications;
  • elaboration of the new biotechnological methods for the synthesis and purification of organic compounds.

More information can be found on the WWW pages of the Research Groups No. VII and XX.
People who are interested in the scientific cooperation with our Institute are kindly requested to contact directly leaders of the abovementioned groups or Research Director of the Institute, professor Witold Danikiewicz.
We are open for all forms of collaboration including joint projects financed by EU.

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