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Stereocontrolled Synthesis of Biologically Active Compounds [II] »

Organometallic chemistry applied to organic synthesis [III] »

Chemistry of sucrose. Application of simple carbohydrates as chiral building blocks [IV] »

Molecular dynamics in NMR spectroscopy. Molecular interactions [V] »

Asymmetric catalysis: Application of Chiral Lewis and Brønstedt acids [VI] »

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Stereokontrolowana synteza organiczna i chemia supramolekularna [VIII] »

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Functional dyes [X] »

Application of NMR to structural studies of chemical and biochemical compounds, intermolecular interactions and asymmetric synthesis [XI] »

Organic crystallochemistry. Synthesis and properties of the peptide dendrimers [XII] »

Circular dichroism and other chiroptical methods [XIII] »

Asymmetric Synthesis: Alkaloids and Ligands for Metal Based Catalysis [XIV] »

Natural compounds in organicsynthesis [XV] »

Application of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in organic chemistry [XVI] »

Laboratory of Elemental Analysis [XVII] »

Enzymes and microorganisms in organic synthesis and biotechnology [XX] »

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Obliczenia teoretyczne właściwości cząsteczek [XXII] »

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