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PhD studies - Postgraduate Studies

The Institute conducts the eldest in Poland four–year Ph.D. study. Since 1966 when the study was established over 320 scientists has obtained the Ph.D. degree. The number of Ph.D. students in the Institute vary between 50 – 60.

The admission to the study is based on the entry examination which is organized once a year at the end of September. Successful candidates choose the Ph.D. supervisor and the program of their thesis. Programs of doctoral dissertations are chosen from the current projects conducted by the selected supervisors. Basic information about these projects can be found on the WWW pages of the respective research groups of the Institute ».

During four years the graduate students are obliged to attend 7 courses of advanced organic chemistry and spectroscopy of organic compounds, which end with written examinations. The subjects of courses are:

  • modern organic synthesis includingorganometallic chemistry (2 courses),
  • target synthesis of natural products,
  • stereochemistry and conformational analysis,
  • NMR spectroscopy,
  • advanced methods of structural analysis of organic compounds,
  • physical organic chemistry including reaction mechanisms.

Our students have also to attend the seminar devoted to the selected problems of contemporary organic chemistry. During the third year of the studies students have to prepare the research project on the subject different from the subject of their thesis and defend it during public discussion.

The students are obliged to participate in the Institute and group seminars and other scientific activities organized by the Institute. All Ph.D. students receive scholarship from the Institute. Students from outside Warsaw can get accommodation in the hostel located in the Institute.

After receiving the Ph.D. degree we offer an assistance in finding a post-doc position in the leading organic chemistry labs in USA and European countries.


At the present time all lectures are given in Polish language but we are planning to change the language to English if there will be sufficient number of the candidates from abroad. Already now all examinations can be written in English, as well as the thesis. Candidates who are delegated and financed by their governments or other funding organizations can be enrolled without passing the entrance examinations.

If you have any questions please contact Ph.D. studies supervisor, Professor JaroslawJazwinski (jaroslaw.jazwinski at icho.edu.pl) or Research Director of the Institute, Professor Witold Danikiewicz (witold.danikiewicz at icho.edu.pl).

Internal regulations:

Regulations for Phd Studies at the Institute Of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Conditions and procedure for recruitment for PhD Studies at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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