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X-Ray Analysis Laboratory

Head of the laboratory:
Professor Zofia Lipkowska
e-mail: zofia.lipkowska at icho.edu.pl
phone: +48 (22) 343 22 07

Our offer

The X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory is equipped with modern Bruker AXS diffractometer with area detektor APEX II which allows for advanced X-ray diffraction characterization of monocrystalline organic and metalloorganic materials. Application of Cu-radiation is particularly useful in studies of small to medium size (10-500 atoms) organic molecules, including assignement of absolute configuration.
Low temperature device designed by Oxford Cryosystems provides opportunity to study structure and phase transitions in the 100 – 373 K temperature range.

Another availavle option is possibility of measurement of crystal size and face indexing that makes sit useful for some solid phase physiscs.

Optical microscope Nikon Eclipse E200 along with Linkam THMS 600 hot stage (up to 350 oC) and camera provides tolls for observation and registration of samples under the polarized light, following phase transition, growth of polymorphs, etc.

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