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Elemental Analysis

Head of the laboratory:
Krystyna Markucińska, MSc
e-mail: krystyna.markucinska at icho.edu.pl
phone: +48 22 343 20 04

Our offer

In the Laboratory of Elemental Analysis of the IOCh PAS we are measuring elemental compositions of organic compounds including the following elements: C, H, N, S, Cl, Br, I and F. We can measure also the contents of nonvolatile material (ash).

Our instruments

Vario EL III (Heraeus) is used for determination of C, H, N and S contents. The method is based on the catalytic combustion at 1150 C in helium/oxygen atmosphere. The resulting products are separated using special adsorption columns and measured using the thermal conductance detector (TCD).

The second instrument: PERKIN-ELMER type 240 Elemental Analyzer, is used for C, H and N determination. Analyzed compounds are combusted at 925 °C in helium/oxygen atmosphere and the products are separated by gas chromatography and measured using TCD detector.

Halogens and sulfur are determined using the Schőniger method. After mineralization of the analyzed substance on the platinum catalyst in the flask filed with oxygen the resulting halide and sulfide ions are determined by titration:

  • Cl, Br – Schöniger method (titration with Hg(ClO4)2 solution)
  • S – Schöniger method (titration with Ba(ClO4)2 solution)
  • F – Schöniger method (titration with Th(NO3)4 solution)
  • I – potentiometric-argentometric method (titration with AgNO3 solution)

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