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Contact information


Institute of Organic Chemistry PAS

ul. Kasprzaka 44/52

01-224 Warszawa, Poland

Phone numbers and e-mail address:

Phone. +48 22 343 20 00, fax +48 22 632 66 81

e-mail: icho-s at icho.edu.pl

Phone numbers an e-mail addresses of the employees and the Institute administration are gives in the phone & e-mail directory ».

How to reach us

Institute of Organic Chemistry PAS is located in the center of Warsaw at the corner of Kasprzaka and Plocka streets (A on the Google map below). It can be reached easily from any part of the town by means of the public transport or by car. It has to be noted, however, that due to the construction of the second underground line some streets in the vicinity of the Institute are closed or the traffic on them is limited to buses and taxis. Please contact the Institute secretary office to get the most recent information how to reach the Institute from the airport or the railway stations.

Information about the public transport in Warsaw including maps, timetables and ticket prices is available on the WWW page of the ZTM (in English) ».

Map of the Institutes of Organic and Physical Chemistry (IOCh and IPCh)

1. Administration offices of IPCh, library, lecture hall and cafeteria

2. Theoretical chemistry building and administration offices of IOCh

3. PhD students hotel of IOCh

4. Laboratory buildings of IOCh

5. Buildings belonging to IPCh

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