Invited speakers



The following outstanding scientists have already accepted our invitation to deliver a lecture:


Prof. Geoffrey Bodenhausen

(École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Suisse)


  • Augustyniak R., Stanek J., Colaux H., Bodenhausen G., Koźmiński W., Herrmann T, Ferrage F., J. Biomol, NMR, 64 (2016) 27-37
    "Nuclear Overhauser spectroscopy of chiral CHD methylene groups"
  • Vuichoud B., Milani J., Chappuis Q., Bornet A., Bodenhausen G., Jannin S., j. Magn. Reson., 260 (2015) 127-135
    "Measuring absolute spin polarization in dissolution-DNP by Spin PolarimetrY Magnetic Resonance (SPY-MR)"
  • Purusottam R.N., Bodenhausen G.,Tekely P., Chem. Phys. Lett. 635 (2015) 157-162
    "Effects of inherent fr field inhomogeneity on heteronuclear decoupling in solid-state NMR"


Prof. Gerd Buntkowsky

(Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany)


  • Werner M., Heil A., Rothermel N., Breitzke H., Groszewicz P.B., Thankamony A.S., Gutmann T., Buntkowsky G., Solid State Nucl. Magn. Reson., 72 (2015) 73-78
    Synthesis and solid state NMR characterization of novel peptide/silica hybrid materials"
  • Buntkowsky G., Gutmann T., Ang. Chem. Int. Ed., 54 (2015) 9450-9451
    "A mousetrap for carbenium ions"
  • Gutmann T., Liu J., Rothermel N., Xu Y.P., Jaumann E., Werner M., Breitzke H., Sigurdsson S.T., Buntkowsky G., Chem. Eur. J., 21 (2015) 3798-3805
    Natural abundance N-15 NMR by dynamic nuclear polarization: fast analysis of binding sites of a novel amine-carboxyl-linked immobilized dirhodium catalyst"


Prof. Lorenzo Di Bari

(University of Pisa, Italy)


  • Berardozzi R., Di Bari L., Chem. Phys. Chem., 16 (2015) 2868-2875
    "Optical activity in the near-IR region: the=980 nm multiplet of chiral Yb3+ complexes"
  • Zinna F., Di Bari L., Chirality, 27 (2015) 1-13
    "Lanthanide circularly polarized luminescence: bases and applications"
  • Schmitt A., Chatelet B. Padula D., Di Bari L., Dutasta J.P., Martinez A., New J. Chem. 39 (2015) 1749-1753
    "Diastereoselective Recognition of alpha-mannoside by hemicryptophane receptors"


Prof. Marco Geppi

(University of Pisa, Italy)


  • Martini F., Miah H.K., Inga D., Geppi M., Titman J.J., J. Magn. Reson., 259 (2015) 102-107
    "Measuring F-19 shift anisotropies and H-1/F-19 dipolar interactions with ultrafast MAS NMR"
  • Jalili, J., Geppi M., Tricoli V., J. Solid State Electrochem., 19 (2015) 1643-1650
    Organic protic ionics based on nitrile(trimethylenephosphonic acid) as water-free, proton-conducting materials"
  • Carlotti K., Gullo G., Battisti A., Martini F., Borsacchi S., Geppi M., Ruggeri G., Pucci A., Polymer Chem., 6 (2015) 4003-4012
    "Termochromic polyethylenes films doped with perylene chromophores: experimental evidence and methods for characterization of their phase behaviour"


Prof. Karol Jackowski

(University of Warsaw, Poland)


  • Garbacz P., Jackowski K., Microporous and Mesoporous Materials., 205 SI (2015) 52-55
    "NMR shielding of helium-3 in the micropores od zeolites"
  • Jaszuński M., Repisky M., Demissie T.B., Komorovsky S., Malkin E., Ruud K., Garbacz P., Jackowski K., Makulski W., J. Chem. Phys., 139 (2013) Art. No. 234302
    Spin-rotation and NMR shielding constants in HCl"
  • Helgaker T., Jaszuński M, Garbacz P., Jackowski K., Mol. Phys., 110 (2012) 2611-2617
    "The NMR indirect nuclear spin-spin coupling constant of HD molecule"


Prof. Wiktor Koźmiński

(University of Warsaw, Poland)


  • Nowakowski M., Saxena S., Stanek J., Żerko S., Koźmiński W, Progr. NMR Spectr., 90-91 (2015) 49-73
    "Application of high dimensionality experiments to biomolecular NMR"
  • Żerko S., Koźmiński W., J. Biomol. NMR, 63 (2015) 283-290
    Six- and seven-dimensional experiments by combination of sparse random sampling and projection spectroscopy dedicated for backbone resonance assignment of intrinsically disordered proteins"
  • Platzer G., Żerko S., Saxena S., Koźmiński W., Biomol. NMR Assign. , 9 (2015) 289-292
    "H-1, N-15, C-13 resonance assignment of human osteopontin"


Prof. Leszek Królicki

(Medical University of Warsaw, Poland)


  • Królicki L., Morgenstern A., Kunikowska J., Koziara H., Królicki B., Jakuciński M., Pawlak D., Apostolidis C., Bruchertseifer F., Eur. J. Nycl. Med. & Mol. Imaging, 42 (2015) S84-S85
    "Recurrent glioblastoma multiforme-local alpha emiters targeted therapy with 213Bi-DOTA-substance P"
  • Kobyłecka M., Płazińska M.T., Mazurek T., Bajera A., Słowikowska A. Fronczewska-Wieniawska K., Chojnowski M., Maczewska J., Bąk M., Królicki L., Clinical Imaging, 39 (2015) 592-596
    Simplified protocol of cardiac 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography viability study in normoglycemic patients with known coronary artery disease"
  • Kunikowska J., Matyskiel R., Pawlak D., Królicki L., J. Nucl. Med., 56 (2015) Suppl. 2, Abstr. No. 41
    "Long-term side effects in patients with disseminated neuroendocrine tumors who underwent tandem peptide receptor radionuclide therapy (PRRT) with 90Y/177Lu- DOTATATE"


Prof. Zdzisław Lalowicz

(Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS, Kraków, Poland)


  • Ylinen E.E., Punkkinen M., Birczyński A., Lalowicz Z.T., Solid State NMR, 71 (2015) 19-29
    "The effect of a broad activation energy distribution on deuteron spin-lattice relaxation"
  • Błoński P, Birczyński A., Lalowicz Z.T., Datka J., Lodziana Z., J. Phys. Chem., 119 (2015) 19548-19557
    Structure of the hydroxyl groups and adsorbed D2O sites in the DX zeolite: DFT and experimental NMR data"
  • Stoch G., Ylinen E.E., Birczyński A., Lalowicz Z.T., Góra-Marek K., Punkkinen M., Solid State NMR, 49-50 (2013) 33-41
    "Deuteron spin-lattice relaxation in the presence of an activation energy distribution: application to methanols in zeolite NaX"


Prof. Radek Marek

(Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic)


  • Vicha J., Novotny J., Straka M., Repisky M., Ruud K., Komorovsky S., Marek R., Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 17 (2015) 24944-24955
    ”Structure, solvent and relativistic effects on the NMR chemical shifts in square-planar transition-metal complexes: assessment of DFT approaches”
  • Vicha J., Foroutan-Nejad C., Pawlak T., Munzarova M.L., Straka M., Marek R., J. Chem. Theor. & Comput., 11 (2015) 1509-1517
    Understanding the electronic factors responsible for ligands spin-orbit NMR shielding in transition-metal complexes”
  • Novak M., Foroutan-Nejad C., Marek R., Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 17 (2015) 6440-6450
    Asymmetric bifurcated halogen bonds”


Dr. Michal Repisky

(University of Tromsø, Norway)


  • Demissie T.B., Jaszuński M., Komorovsky S., Repisky M., Ruud K., J. Chem. Phys., 143 (2015) Art. No. 164311
    "Absolute NMR shielding scales and nuclear spin-rotation constants in (LuX)-Lu-175 and (AuX)-Au-197 (X = F-19, Cl-35, Br-79 and I-127)"
  • Komorovsky S., Repisky M., Malkin E., Ruud K., Gauss J., J. Chem. Phys., 142 (2015) Art. No. 091102
    Communication: The absolute shielding scales of oxygen and sulfur revisited"
  • Berger R.J.F., Repisky M., Komorovsky S., Chem. Commun., 51 (2015) 13961-13963
    "How does relativity affect magnetically induced currents?"


Prof. Jadwiga Tritt-Goc

(Institute of Molecular Physics PAS, Poznań, Poland)


  • Bielejewski M., Puszkarska A., Tritt-Goc J., Electrochim. Acta., 165 (2015) 122-129
    "Thermal properties, conductivity and spin-lattice relaxation of gel electrolyte based on low molecular weight gelator and solution of high temperature ionic liqiud"
  • Tritt-Goc J., Rachocki A., Bielejewski M., Soft Matter, 10 (2014) 7810-7818
    The solvent dynamics at pore surfaces in molecular gels studied by field-cycling magnetic resonance relaxometry"
  • Rachocki A., Tritt-Goc J., Food Chemistry , 152 (2014) 94-99
    "Novel application of NMR relaxometry in studies of diffusion in virgin rape oil"